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  2. Hulk Hogan - The Real American

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    Let’s do a social experiment, who else hears that really catchy Ifukube theme when the monsters fight in the films from the mid sixties when you see this pic?

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    Sensational She-Hulk #2


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    As somebody who has been into Who way before the days of Entertainment Weekly covers and Pinterest fanart, I have been asked by many new fans for a few 1963-1989 recommendations. I’ve always been happy to oblige. There are three things I take into account for starting points into Old Who: general…

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    Little journey into the unknown by Unkopierbar on deviantART

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    Psychedelic Spider-Man - 2nd & 3rd seasons produced by Ralph Bakshi (1968-1970)

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    Godzilla (Monster Paint Package), Aurora Models, 1964.

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